3 Way Gas Distributor - w/o PRV

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3-Way Gas Manifold. Use one CO2 Tank with multiple beverage lines. This CO2 air distribution manifold has a nickel-plated brass body with toggle shut-offs and safety release. Comes complete with brackets for vertical or horizontal mounting. Add a CO2 distributor to your draft beer system for economical way to run more than one keg off of a single CO2 tank and regulator. Each shutoff has its own ball check valve to prevent the flow of liquid into the regulator. Most beer system regulations require at least two safety relief valves; this distributor provides one of those safeties. 45 degree design gives you plenty of space to change air lines. Great for 3-faucet beer towers, triple tap kegerators and other multiple line beer systems. Barb fittings are 3/8" O.D. and will fit 5/16" I.D. gas hoses or beverage tubing. If you do not require your distributor to have a safety valve, check out our 3-way distributor with no safety as a cheaper alternative.

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