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  • Gets you organized! - pre-boil checklist and spaces to lay out your ingredients and timed additions
  • Clean working surface - put your thermometer on this clean mat, not on your gross workbench!
  • Documents your brew! Write down notes with the included dry-erase marker, snap a pic, and never forget your OG again!
  • A place to put your beer and a place to empty your Bouncer inline beer filter!
  • Gets out of the way - hang it up with the included velcro

The BOIL BRO is a re-usable dry-erase boil day organizer designed just for home brewers. It organizes ingredients by timing, provides a pre-boil check list (so you’ll never forget ice again), documents your recipe by date and specific / final gravity readings, provides a place to empty your Bouncer after the boil, includes built-in coaster, and provides a waterproof surface for your fermenter at the end of the day. Includes dry erase marker and Velcro for storage on the wall or fridge. Designed mainly to get you organized! French chefs have a term for getting everything prepared and organized before beginning to cook: "Mise en place". Take a few minutes before your brew day to go through the checklist, write down some notes, lay out your ingredients, and your beer will be better! Record any notes about the day, write down your Original Gravity reading, snap a pic, and you've got a record for forever!

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