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Briess CBW® Rye LME is 100% pure malt extract made of the highest quality base malt, rye malt and caramel malt 40L. Used in the production of Roggenbier and other styles of Rye Beer.  CBW® Rye Extract is specially formulated to develop an appealing malty, caramel flavor with subtle spicy rye notes. Use alone, with other extracts or with specialty grains to suit your brewing pleasure. Or use in small quantities to add interest and complexity to just about any beer style, from Pale Ales to Stouts.  3.3 lb plastic canister.

  • Color: 9º Lovibond 
  • 75% Fermentable 
  • Gravity Contribution of 1 pound in one gallon is 34

Tip: To convert a recipe from DME (dry malt extract) to LME (liquid malt extract)
​Use the following calculation: (Pounds DME x 42) / 34

Tip: Syrup Malt Extract is heavy and tends to sink to the bottom of of your brewpot. To prevent scorching, heat your brewing water up, turn off or remove from the heat, thoroughly stir in the syrup malt extract until dissolved and then continue to bring to a boil.

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