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At first, Ekuanot is familiar--in a pleasant, desirable way. Tropical fruit, papaya and mango notes reminiscent of Mosaic and Citra offer versatility across fresh-flavored styles. Then, things get weird.

In the midst of the bright citrus and melon there is a ribbon of green pepper. Or something like green pepper. It not green pepper in the eat-it-with-hummus-use-it-on-a-fajita sense of green pepper. It sweet and fruity but seemingly not fruit.

The interpretations of Ekuanot have been so wildly different yet similarly perplexed that we've decided it just one of those hops youl have to experience for yourself.

An up-and-coming hop with pronounced aroma, tight cone structure and notably high oil content. Noted for an indescribably unique berry-and-fresh-pepper character.

Alpha acid: 14.4 - 15.6 %
Cohumulone: 31.7 - 38 %
Beta acids: 4.6 - 5.1%
Total Oil: 2.9 mL / 100g

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