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Tradition has a great deal to do with the shape and color of a bottle, and perhaps little to do with what you should actually use to bottle your wine. The hock bottle is a tall, slender bottle with long sloping shoulders. Traditionally they were filled with German wines from the Rhine and Moselle regions. Rhine bottles were traditionally brown (an exception being blue bottles of similar shape from the Nahe region) and Moselle bottles were traditionally green. These were typically light and fruity wines which vary from dry to sweet, so you might use them to bottle wines of similar value. Another positive about sticking with tradition is that it gives you an instant idea about what might be in a bottle in your cellar, especially if you do not label your bottles. The bottom line is though that you can use what you like! These bottles are 750 ml, and amber in color, and are designed for a cork finish (that is to say, they must be corked and are designed to use a #9 straight cork). They come 12 to a case and are sold by the case. Actual shipping rates apply to all cases of bottles.

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