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2-Hr Make Your Own Wine Class

What's included:

  • Glass of complimentary wine
  • Complimentary snacks
  • Step-by-step instructions to winemaking process
  • 2-3 sessions (steps 1 and 3) of winemaking over approx 4-8 week period
  • Approx 20-24 bottles of your own personalized wine w/customized labels
  • Rental of ALL needed equipment
  • **PRICE does NOT include wine kit($75-200), 2 cases of bottles ($32-60), corks ($5.99) and shrink capsules ($3.99)



When you book your class, you will choose the varietal of wine you would like to make. 

When you come in on Day One, we'll assist you in making your batch(es) of wine! We will try to have all the equipment set up for you ahead of time to skip the boring sanitation part. Then we will help you along the process until your wine is all made and we are ready to put it into storage with all your information attached to it!

Afterwards, we'll have you sign a little paperwork* and discuss what you want to have on your personalized labels. You will email us what you'd like by the following week.

And YES,  if you'd like to purchase more wine after the first complimentary glass, you can drink wine while you make wine. :)

Be prepared for about 2 hours for Day One's activities + 30 min for each additional batch.    


While you are at home eagerly awaiting bottling day, we will make sure that it is all taken care of until then OR you can join us on Day 14 and learn more about the winemaking process.

While your precious wine is under our care, we will rack it off the sediment, degas it to speed up the aging process, clarify it to drop out more particulates, and finally we will filter it (if needed) for a beautiful sparkle.

This will take approximately 4-8 weeks (depending on the kit and store scheduling) before you come back to bottle.

We will set up the bottling day on Day One so that you know when to expect to come in.


Bottling Day has arrived! Your party will come in and we will have everything sanitized and ready for you. We will help you bottle and label your bottles with your personalized labels (yes, by law every bottle needs to be labeled before it leaves our premises).

We will finish by helping you put the shrink sleeves on your bottles to complete your look!

Be prepared to spend 1.5 hours for Bottling day + 30 min for each additional batch.


  • Everyone in your party must be 21 or older.
  • The paperwork* just acknowledges that the wine you are making is for personal use only (not for resale purposes).
  • Wines left longer than the 3 months will be subject to a $10/month storage fee.
  • For legal reasons, the personalized label has to be something like, "Happy Anniversary," "Happy 50th Birthday," or "John and Katie's Wedding". 
  •  We can also have picture as the background and we will send you a proof before we send for prints.

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